The series that introduced "bullet-time" gunplay for dramatic and artful slow-motion shooting sequences returns after a
seven-year hiatus with Max Payne 3. The gritty and vengeful protagonist, whose family was viciously murdered by drug
addicts, left his role as a New York City detective to start a clean slate in another country: Sao Paulo, Brazil.
After a decade-long absence, Blizzard's beloved and oft-imitated isometric RPG looter returns with more monsters, more
randomly generated dungeons, a new auction system for trading, and four new character classes in Diablo III.
In Tera, Korean developer Bluehole Studio aims to spice up traditional MMORPGs with "true action combat" that eschews
point-and-click attacks in favor of the aiming, dodging, and precise timing typically associated with action games. Players
choose from seven races and eight character classes, and then go on hundreds of missions as they battle vile creatures
through more than 80 zones. All sides are working toward a common goal, but while there are no factions in Tera, guilds
exist, as does an in-game economy, and the ultimate goal is to gain as much political control as possible.  
This compilation bundles together two of Bethesda Softworks' epic RPG franchises. Gamers can explore the high-fantasy
realm of Cyrodil in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, or they can try to survive the dangerous expanses of "The Capital Wasteland"
in Fallout 3.
Bioware's original space-opera trilogy concludes with Mass Effect 3, in the signature RPG-shooter style of its predecessors.
Players resume the role of series protagonist Commander Shepard, once again customizable in appearance and character
development. Combat is made more challenging by smarter computer-controlled opponents that adjust their tactics in the
middle of a fight. An increased emphasis on melee and movement leads to closer, more furious battles. Players chart the
course of the adventure, by traveling to remote planets and choosing which missions to attempt.
The casual experts at PopCap invite gamers to a month-long Down Under retreat full of puzzles and hidden objects in
Vacation Quest: Australia. Players scour 28 different settings, searching for more than 2,200 hidden items, and unlocking a
variety of extra game modes by finding the three boomerangs hidden in each scene. Once unlocked, the mini-games can be
played on their own.
The first entry in a fantasy franchise from ex-pitcher Curt Schilling's 38 Studios, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is an
open-world action/role-playing game crafted by developer Big Huge Games and the talents of artist Todd McFarlane, author
R.A. Salvatore, and former Elder Scrolls designer Ken Rolston. Choose from nine melee weapon classes and dozens of
spells while battling an assortment of creatures in fast-paced, visceral combat that supports deadly finishing moves.
The Darkness II is a grim and violent first-person shooter with a modern-day horror setting. The game follows the unholy
misfortunes of Jackie Estacado, a fearless crime-family enforcer who inherited gruesome supernatural powers, personified
as a spirit called "the Darkness." The game plays along with the strengths and weaknesses the spirit bestows, while
emphasizing its vile and hateful compellations. Jackie is stronger in the shadows, as his powers feed on actual darkness,
and bright light causes blurred vision and an uncomfortable ringing in the ears.
Gamers explore the horrific possibilities of being buried alive in the hidden-object title Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe's The
Premature Burial. Working for the famous Detective Dupin, players must make their way through 11 chapters, scouring
dozens of scenes for hidden items, solving inventory puzzles, collecting roses, and playing mini-games in order to
determine if Victorine's husband had her buried before she was actually dead.   
Fairway Fever is a golf-themed take on classic solitaire action, with the added pressure of a one-minute time limit. The deck
is divided into seven six-card rows, and players flip a single card in an attempt to match it with other suits or close numbers
and deplete each row as quickly as possible. Various power-up cards are available to help gamers, such as cards that
eliminate an entire row or cards that add time to the clock, and the game keeps track of high scores on online leaderboards.
Will you save the human race? A hostile alien fleet threatens the future of mankind in this striking sequel to the classic arcade
shooter! The game pits you against the machines in a ferocious battle to the death. Pilot your ship through vast galaxies and
futuristic 3-D levels. Collect plazma and trade it for new weapons.
Warning!! The world as we know it is out of control! As the head of all rescue operations - you must ensure that the job gets
done with all fire and rescue services police and specialist personnel. The world is counting on you - can you handle the
pressure? Extensive single player game with career and challenge mode and also share the mayhem in multi-player mode.
Command a range of emergency resources and vehicles including fire trucks heavy salvage trucks and more. Go face-to-face
with your worst nightmares as you take on 30 devastating events.
Men of War: Gold Collection 2 Pack features the highly acclaimed MoW: Assault Squad and the all NEW Vietnam in this
brilliant strategy series! Vietnam includes 2 story-driven campaigns that let you taste the explosive mix of the jungle Hueys
and rock-n-roll in early 1968. Two new story-driven campaigns attempt to show the war from both sides. Breathtaking
missions including an ambush on the Ho Chi Minh trail a game of cat and mouse in the Mekong Delta raids into Cambodia
and Laos bridge defense during the Tet offensive and more.
It's time to hit the open road! Live out the American dream in the most realistic biggest and baddest trucking simulator
around. Travel over 12 000 miles across California to over 40 key cities and landmarks including The Golden Gate Bridge
San Diego and Los Angeles. Get behind the wheel of 13 of the toughest big rigs around - Freightliner Sterling and More!
Jump straight into the action with a timed delivery route in instant order mode or test your skills in mission mode.
The Haunted is a fast paced third person action horror game that focuses on delivering an intense multiplayer experience.
Your goal is to liberate cursed places and survive the assault from the minions of hell. The game features several
multiplayer modes such as coop-survival demons vs. humans and demonizer. The Unreal Engine 3 powered graphics lay a
perfect tone for the gameplay. Playing as human is action focused survival gameplay with a huge arsenal of weapons and
melee attacks total freedom in movement and brutal intense combat. The minions of hell come in many variations and
approach from everywhere to give you the feeling of a real fight for your life.
Jump behind the wheel of 18 Wheels of Steel Extreme Trucker! Throw your weight around - drive over 25 different rigs and
deliver over 30 types of loads. Your Life is on the Line - Drive terrains that don't forgive your mistakes - do the jobwell or you
might die trying. Achieve the unachievable by delivering your loads on time. These beasts don't drive themselves - From
subtropical to subzero environments manage your fuel and maintain your truck in peak condition.
Private investigator James Voodoo must confront murder, magic, and perhaps a little mayhem in Voodoo Chronicles.
Voodoo must investigate the mysterious happenings on a secret island, which is rumored to be cursed. To stop the alleged
curse from  to the mainland, you must talk to characters, read newspaper articles, and explore a variety of hidden-object
scenes. Puzzles and mini-games include removing crates with a crane, connecting electrical switches, and more. As you
progress, you can earn hints that can be used instantly instead of having to wait for the in-game hint timer to replenish.
The third and final chapter in Ezio Auditore's journey from a Florentine noble to a grand master assassin focuses on a quest
to locate five ancient seals that are keys to the clandestine brotherhood's future. Ezio must seek out clues in 16th century
Masyaf, Cappadocia, and Constantinople, treading the same ground his predecessor Altaïr covered hundreds of years
before. As an older, wiser Ezio, you must master new techniques and technology to ensure your survival against
overwhelming odds.
The interactive adaptation of Tintin's computer-animated debut is an action-adventure game in true spirit, presenting players
with a variety of platforming challenges as they proceed along a central storyline, based on the Steven Spielberg film.
Players lead the ambitious young reporter to explore exotic locations around the world, overcoming perilous situations with
clever thinking and agile button-presses. Captain Haddock, Snowy, and other characters can be unlocked, to play through
parts of the story from their own perspectives, using their distinct strengths and special abilities.
Max Payne 3
Fallout 3 & Oblivion Double Pack
Mass Effect 3
Vacation Quest: Australia
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
Darkness II
Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe's The Premature Burial
Fairway Fever
Astro Avenger 2
Emergency 2012
Men of War : Assault Squad/Vietnam Gold
Rig & Roll Cut-throat Highway
Haunted : Hell's Reach
18 Wheels of Steel Extreme Trucker
Voodoo Chronicles: First Sign
Assassin's Creed: Revelations
Adventures of Tintin: The Game
Heavy Fire: Afghanistan
Batman: Arkham City
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Battlefield 3
Heavy Fire: Afghanistan is a target-shooting title played from a first-person perspective. You'll shoot down members of a
terrorist faction that will run across or suddenly appear on the screen. The action is on rails, meaning the camera will
automatically move your viewpoint so you can focus on gunning down targets as quickly as possible. Earn score bonuses for
headshots, destroying scenery objects such as billboards, cars, or barrels, and stringing together multiple kills without
getting hit.
Developer Rocksteady Studios returns players to its dark vision of Gotham, where the Arkham Asylum for the Criminally
Insane has been replaced with a walled-off expanse of city streets and abandoned buildings, ruled only by deadly mad
anarchy. A familiar third-person perspective, players resume the single-player role of Batman, for missions of infiltration,
assault, recovery, and rescue. Gruesomely outnumbered, the hero's survival still relies largely on stealthy ninja tactics,
although open environments occasionally call for cape-aided hang-gliding or grappling-hook acrobatics.
Activision Blizzard's top-selling first-person shooter franchise marches on with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Players must
deal with the fallout from the devastating attacks on U.S. and British soil in a storyline that picks up where 2009's Modern
Warfare 2 left off. The single-player campaign has you battling Russian ultranationalists, led by Vladimir Markov, as members
of the U.S. Delta Force and British SAS. You'll battle across war-torn areas of New York City, London, Paris, Mogadishu,
Dubai, and other regions as you prepare to end the global threat once and for all.
EA DICE's flagship military combat series continues with Battlefield 3, a first-person shooter with destructible environments,
large-scale maps, controllable vehicles, and online support for up to 64 simultaneous players. The single-player campaign,
which the publisher estimates to be 12 hours in length, features multiple playable characters in a structure similar to
Activision's Call of Duty franchise.
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