Speed, power, performance and attitude -- put your Hot Wheels races to the test! Race your way through crazy corkscrews,
loops and hidden routes. Race with 30 of the world's coolest cars. And engage in high-octane multiplayer action, racing on
tracks packed with wicked explosions and super-charged power-ups.
Enter Pimp City, where bling is king, and style is everything. On these streets, if your car isn't fully pimped out, you'd be better off
walking. You and Xzibit will take on the challenge of hooking up your homies, and transforming their hoopties, buckets and
beaters into the hottest whips on the street, while redlining through the highways and alleyways of Pimp City. You choose the
mods, you choose the route, but pimpin' ain't easy. It will take speed and style to hook them up. Do you have what it takes to
Pimp Their Ride?
The second in Sonic's racing series takes the hedgehog into never-before seen worlds with edge-of-your-seat racing
intensity and all-new gravity controlling moves. In Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, Sonic takes on to futuristic-inspired tracks and
travels as far as outer space to push the limits of speed even further. Two new unique gravity control moves will allow players
to outrace opponents while navigating walls, drops, and hairpin turns. Innovative new tracks take full advantage of Sonic's
new moves and offer heart-stopping racing action enhanced by high-intensity speed boosts.
Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli is a re-creation of Ferrari's own racing series, which sees both professional and amateur
drivers taking to the world's most famous race tracks in 430 Challenge race cars. Developed by racing game specialists
Eutechnyx, Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli draws upon the developer's years of experience with racing titles and includes a
uniquely magical touch from GP2 driver Bruno Senna, nephew of F1 legend Ayrton and technical consultant on the game's
Get Behind the Wheel! Conquer the greatest racetracks of the British Isles in 13 licensed classic high performance cars with
accurate handling! Take on unique race courses like the Westminster Run through the streets of London tackle Time Trials
and the Grand Prix or grab a friend and go head-to-head in two-player. Choose from 13 classic cars including the Austin Mini
Cooper MGB Triumph TR6 Triumph Spitfire and more!
Race to the finish line in MySims Racing! Face a variety of tricky MySim opponents on a huge variety of exotic tracks! Take on
up to three friends in intense multiplayer racing. During your race, find awesome power-ups such as the heat-seeking
jack-o-lantern pumpkin or a bubble dropper that can help you wreck the competition. There are nearly endless customization
options so that your car reflects your high-gear personality. You can swap bodies, change paint jobs and add tons of
A futuristic racing game for the Wii home video game system. Players can choose from three modes of play: Solo, Race, and
Battle. In Race mode, players compete against seven computer-controlled AI cars, while Battle mode is an all-out, futuristic
demolition derby, using spectacular weapon. In Solo mode, players try to ignite jet thrusters with boost pads to accelerate
"into the zone," with phantom cars and racing lines to help set lap records.
Category:  Nintendo Wii, Sports, Racing, Everyone Rating, Racing/Driving.
Combine raw horsepower with awesome firepower in a race that demands both precision aim and breakneck speed.
Destroy your enemies and tear the world apart as you master a wide arsenal of weaponry and a stunning selection of
armor-laden cars. Xbox Live support ensures significant replay value for gamers itching to take on human opponents in both
grand-scale arena modes and full-throttle races.  
The popular PGR franchise zooms onto the Xbox 360, expanding many of the Project Gotham Racing features that gamers
have grown to love. PGR 3 creates the ultimate roster of the hottest supercars in existence, introduces them to the
high-definition era, and drops them into a completely new gaming world, where style rules the road. Gamers drive with style
and daring to earn Kudos in front of large crowds, and win badges to reward their skills in all areas of the game.
Take the wheel and drive your way to the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series championship. As the new rookie driver on the circuit,
develop your racing skills to gain licenses and contracts from hungry owners and unlock legendary top performing cars from
NASCAR’s biggest stars. Gain new experiences during every race then modify your car's handling with over 40 tuning options
to truly master every track. Share your setups with NASCAR's gaming community, then challenge the field in live races with up
to 16 players online.
Forza 2 includes everything from Corvettes to Lamborghinis and includes many of the favorite features from the Xbox version of
the game. However, the jump to 360 has also brought a few changes. The racing assists have been upgraded, the line that
guides players along the sweet spot of the track dynamically changes color from green to red to show drivers when to break
and accelerate, and the physics engine from the first game has also been rebuilt boasting about 360 calculations per second
that contribute to exactly how the car reacts to the road.
Experience extreme monster truck action as you catch massive air, crush cars, perform crazy stunts, destroy everything in your
path, race to the finish line and more. Battle through stadium races, freestyle competitions and outdoor circuit tracks on your
way to becoming the Monster Jam world champion!   
Plunge into the adrenaline-fueled role of a Hollywood stunt driver in Stuntman: Ignition, and master the most breathtaking,
death-defying vehicle-based stunts ever filmed. As the newest stuntman in Hollywood, you must rise to stardom by
combining reckless maneuvering with perfect execution to unlock big-budget blockbusters and lucrative commercial deals.
Create movie-magic in 6 uniquely-themed films on 36 different stunt runs with over 25 vehicles, or take the action online to
challenge rival stuntman in the ultimate backlot showdown.
Fatal Inertia is an aerial combat racing game that uses physics as a core component to its gameplay as futuristic vehicles
battle and race in a variety of beautiful, natural environments. The game is set in the mid-23rd century, where a revolutionary
new racing sport -- mixing street racing, rally racing, and demolition derby -- has emerged. The foundation of Fatal Inertia is
its physics engine, which allows for weapons and environments that are unlike anything seen before.
A handheld version of SEGA's revival of the dirty and wild SEGA Rally franchise, this PSP version features 34 different cars
and 16 tracks that span six different environments. Multiplayer offers play over the Internet via Infrastructure support for up to
four players, and gamers can also play locally -- you can even use one game for two players via the PSP's Game Sharing
Get into the drift with Juiced 2 -- the only place where superstar DJs, smokin' hot models and totally tuned cars come into
close contact. Juice up your ride with complete customization and boost your NOS power as you draft, drift, slide, spook and
fight for your rightful place on the racing line. Fast-paced, adrenaline-fuelled, pick-up-and-play action lets you enjoy the pure
rush of power sliding your way around the globe. Wow the crowd, keep tabs on your opponents and take the crown as the
rightful king of drift!
The fury returns with another ATV racing game, featuring new bike and buggy vehicles, over 60 tracks and online play for four
players. ATV Offroad Fury Pro for PSP also features significantly improved visuals, PSP-to-PS2 implementation (including
shared levels and cross-communication online), new game modes, and much more.
The fifth entry in the gonzo racing series, Burnout Paradise gives players license to wreak havoc in Paradise City, the
ultimate racing battleground, with a massive infrastructure of traffic-heavy roads to abuse. Gone is the need to jump in and
out of menus and aimlessly search for fun like many open world games; in Burnout Paradise, every inch of the world is built
to deliver heart-stopping Burnout-style gameplay. Every intersection is a potential crash junction and every alleyway is an
opportunity to rack up moving violations.
Hot Wheels: Beat That
Pimp My Ride
Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli
Classic British Motor Racing
MySims Racing
Speed Zone
Super Pickups
Full Auto
Project Gotham Racing 3
Nascar 08
Forza Motorsport 2
Monster Jam
Stuntman: Ignition
Fatal Inertia
Sega Rally Revo
Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights
Atv Offroad Fury Pro
Burnout Paradise
MX vs. Atv Untamed
Ridge Racer 7
Developed by Evolution Studios, MotorStorm delivers visceral off-road racing, plunging players into a frenzied environment
awash with grit, mud and petrol, in a game that leaves the standard rules of racing in the dust. Gone are the limits of power
restrictions, limited classes, and qualifying rounds. Players simply choose their vehicle from a massive range – including dirt
bikes, ATVs, sand rails, rally cars, monster trucks, and everything in between – then hit the track in a no-holds-barred sprint to
the finish line.
MX vs. ATV Untamed kicks it up a notch and shifts into high gear as the best selling offroad franchise returns. Rainbow
Studios has evolved their legendary Rhythm Racing engine to include throttle based power slides, near upside down whips
and new scrubs at full speed all while retaining the smooth and authentic feel not found in any other game. Attempt to own
the offroad by dominating the innovative new "X-Cross Tournament."
Based on an arcade game of the same name, your goal in Ultimate Block Party is to eliminate blocks from a board by
grouping like-colors together. You can rotate groups of four blocks left and right. Lining up four pieces of the same color
makes the pieces disappear from the board. As the four pieces are disappearing, you can continue connecting more pieces
to the group, adding to a growing chain of piece annihilation. You can add an additional row with a quick button press (this is
an advanced technique for those who don't have enough pieces to make combos), although rows are also added
automatically as time progresses. If your stack of blocks hits the top of the screen, you lose!
Ridge Racer 7 once again whips the racing series in a frenzy, with movie-quality visuals and a stronger online component
from that of the Xbox 360 game, Ridge Racer 6. Director Masaya Kobayashi, assistant producer Hideo Teramoto, and sound
director Hiroshi Okubo all worked on the successful PSP and Xbox 360 Ridge Racers, and are aiming to use RR for PS3 as
a showcase of the system's power and capabilities.
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