The series that introduced "bullet-time" gunplay for dramatic and artful slow-motion shooting sequences returns after a
seven-year hiatus with Max Payne 3. The gritty and vengeful protagonist, whose family was viciously murdered by drug
addicts, has left his role as a New York City detective to start a clean slate in another country: Sao Paulo, Brazil.
A reimagined version of Bullfrog's 1993 isometric strategy game, Syndicate is a futuristic first-person shooter designed by
Swedish developer Starbreeze Studios. You play as a computer-enhanced agent named Miles Kilo in a world ruthlessly run by
mega-corporations. Working on behalf of Eurocorp, Agent Kilo must use his militarized neural chip implant, combat training,
and advanced weapons to infiltrate rival corporations, assassinate key targets, and retrieve important technology.
Heavy Fire: Afghanistan is a target-shooting title played from a first-person perspective. You'll shoot down members of a
terrorist faction that will run across or suddenly appear on the screen. The action is on rails, meaning the camera will
automatically move your viewpoint so you can focus on gunning down targets as quickly as possible. Earn score bonuses for
headshots, destroying scenery objects such as billboards, cars, or barrels, and stringing together multiple kills without
getting hit.
Activision Blizzard's top-selling first-person shooter franchise marches on with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Players must
deal with the fallout from the devastating attacks on U.S. and British soil in a storyline that picks up where 2009's Modern
Warfare 2 left off. The single-player campaign has you battling Russian ultranationalists, led by Vladimir Markov, as members
of the U.S. Delta Force and British SAS. You'll battle across war-torn areas of New York City, London, Paris, Mogadishu,
Dubai, and other regions as you prepare to end the global threat once and for all.
EA DICE's flagship military combat series continues with Battlefield 3, a first-person shooter with destructible environments,
large-scale maps, controllable vehicles, and online support for up to 64 simultaneous players. The single-player campaign,
which the publisher estimates to be 12 hours in length, features multiple playable characters in a structure similar to
Activision's Call of Duty franchise.
Based on Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 universe, Space Marine is a third-person shooter that pits elite human
soldiers against two deadly factions: the feral Orks and the shadowy Chaos. You take command of Captain Titus of the
Ultramarines, who must defend a strategically critical weapons-producing planet from falling into enemy hands. Both
shooting and melee combat are supported, with players able to seamlessly switch between fighting styles simply by tapping
a button.
Men of War: Assault Squad the sequel to the critically-acclaimed real-time tactics game Men of War. This stand-alone
expansion features a completely new cooperative skirmish game mode with access to five different nations (Russia
Germany USA Commonwealth and Japan) as well as increased realism and accessibility. It delivers an intense new WWII
spectacle with almost limitless replayability. New multiplayer maps and game settings and improved multiplayer balancing
provide a more authentic use of equipment and vehicles.
Operation Flashpoint: Red River enlists players to lead a hostile force in a remote land, surrounded by serene mountains
and deadly serious mission objectives. Building upon Dragon Rising, the series' high-def generation debut, additions in Red
River include refinements to squad and enemy AI, a more accessible inventory system, and character class roles, with
player-picked upgrades as experience is earned. The game is designed for four-player co-op, and even in single-player
modes, a second player can drop in and out of the battle at any time.
The sequel to 2009's Red Faction: Guerrilla has new protagonist Darius Mason traveling deep underground to save the
colonists of Mars from a newly awakened evil. As the grandson of the previous game's Alec Mason and Samanya, Darius
must utilize the environment to create distractions, disruptions, and destruction. The game features developer Volition's
Geo-Mod 2.0 technology for physics-based demolition across volatile areas underneath the planet's surface, from lava
tubes to ice caves.
Bulletstorm is a futuristic first-person shooter with larger-than-life weaponry and arcade-paced combat. Encouraging risky
maneuvers and highly chaotic battles, the game's "Skillshot" feature rewards exceptionally precise, destructive, and creative
hits with experience points, which are used to purchase character upgrades and unlock powerful weapons. The single-player
storyline develops through high-adventure missions set in a dangerous, abandoned paradise. "Echo" mode tracks players'
performances in sequences from the single-player campaign. Multiplayer combat is available in "Anarchy" mode.
This compilation from DreamCatcher Interactive offers gamers four complete games from the Painkiller series of first-person
shooters. The bundle includes Painkiller: Heaven's Got a Hitman, Painkiller: Battle Out of Hell, Painkiller: Overdose, and
Painkiller: Resurrection, as well as the "P.D.K." development kit that allows gamers to create their own Painkiller title.
Sniper: Ghost Warrior is a high-definition first-person shooter, with a modern military theme and realistic presentation. The
game focuses exclusively on the role of a long-range sniper, in various battle situations. A sophisticated physics model
accounts for ballistic factors such as falloff over long distances and the effects of wind speed and direction. Players also
manage their shooter's positioning and breathing, to squeeze off the perfect shot at the right time. An up-close "bullet cam"
allows gamers to follow their shot to its target. They work with a small squad of spotters and other snipers, in some scenarios.
Raven Software presents an adventure for the ages in Singularity, a first-person action game that puts players in control of
time itself. Set in the present day, the game's plot revolves around a science-fiction piece of equipment called the "Time
Manipulation Device," or "TMD." It allows its user to send a single object (or person) forward or backward through time, relative
to the world around it. The powerful device is central to both the game's puzzle-solving and combat. It could be used to age a
strong iron gate blocking a path into crumbling rust, for example, or to revert an enemy soldier to a devolved, mindless,
monstrous state.
Fallen Earth's post-apocalyptic namesake returns with new PvP areas, a higher level cap, and an entirely new territory to
explore in the expansion Fallen Earth: Blood Sports. The mysterious new territory of Deadfall offers online gamers more than
130 new missions, as well as new mounts, new settlements, and new items. Blood Sports is designed to improve the
game's effects and melee combat, while also offering new "Deathmatch," "Survival," and "Capture the Flag" PvP areas.
Loosely based on former U.S. Navy SEAL Dick Marcinko's book series, Rogue Warrior is a first-person shooter emphasizing
violent, stealth-based kills. Players take control of Marcinko himself in a series of covert missions behind enemy lines in
North Korea. The object is to make it safely across shipyards, warehouses, factories, and other locales to single-handedly
thwart an imminent attack on the United States.
In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, developer Infinity Ward aims to ratchet up the intense first-person gunplay, graphical
verisimilitude, and deep multiplayer experience that won the original title wide acclaim from critics and consumers alike,
while at the same time adding to the overall package with the new, fast-paced "SpecOps" mode. The single-player campaign
picks up where Call of Duty 4 ended, with gamers once again descending into the shadowy world of terrorists, arms dealers,
and nationless armies.
Painkiller: Resurrection is an action-heavy first-person shooter that continues the series' theme of taking gamers on a gothic
journey through the bowels of purgatory. Players take on the role of William "Wild Bill" Sherman, an ex-CIA agent whose fatal
mistake during his final mission resulted in his own death, as well as the deaths of drug lord and a bus full of innocent
school children. Trapped between heaven and hell, gamers must shoot their way through three fast-paced chapters, using
four demonic weapons to battle hordes of monsters and giant bosses.
The Code of Honor Compilation features two full games from City Interactive's series of first-person shooters starring the
French Foreign Legion. The bundle includes the previously European-only title Code of Honor: The French Foreign Legion, as
well as its sequel, Code of Honor 2: Conspiracy Island.
Battles of both first-person shooting and real-time strategy are waged in Raven Squad, an action war game set in the very
near future. Players take command of a squad of mercenary soldiers, either from a top-down, strategic view of the nearby
surrounding area, or from a first-person perspective, as one of the soldiers in the mission. Under regular circumstances,
players can switch between the FPS and RTS perspectives at will, and the game's interface is designed to make it easy to
move from one mode to the other.
Max Payne 3
Heavy Fire: Afghanistan
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Battlefield 3
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine
Men Of War : Assault Squad
Operation Flashpoint: Red River
Red Faction: Armageddon
Painkiller: Pandemonium
Sniper: Ghost Warrior
Fallen Earth: Blood Sports
Rogue Warrior
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Painkiller: Resurrection
Code Of Honor Compilation
Raven Squad
Sniper: Art Of Victory
Cryostasis: Sleep Of Reason
Company Of Heroes: Tales Of Valor
Sas: Secure Tomorrow
Players drop into key moments of WWII, look through the scope, and pull the trigger in Sniper: Art of Victory. Gamers must
make their way behind enemy lines in order to assassinate the general directing the siege of Stalingrad and head to the
Italian peninsula to help break the resistance of the retreating Wehrmacht forces. Players can use historically accurate rifles
such as the Mosin-Nagant PU and Mauser 98KS, but they must pay attention to their sniper's breathing and concentration,
and factor in the wind and gravity when firing.
Arctic Circle Russian North Pole station "Pole 21" 1968. Alexander Nesterov is a meteorologist caught inside the "North
Wind " an old nuclear ice-breaker frozen in the ice many years ago. This steel beast once fought for its country but it fell into
an ice trap as did every living thing onboard. Alex will fight the cold and what lives within as he tries to find out what
happened. Cryostasis is a drama about a Captain and his Ship evolving in the atmosphere of ice and animal fear.
Tales of Valor is the second stand-alone expansion of the critically acclaimed World War II real-time strategy game, Company
of Heroes. As in the 2006 original and its first expansion pack, 2007's Opposing Fronts, players command of squads of
soldiers and vehicles in ballistic-heavy battles that focus on tactics and timing. The new "Direct Fire" controls give players the
option of free-hand aiming, using the cursor to click and shoot. The title's tales are told in three separate, single-player
The world's most dangerous and organized terrorists have broken their leader out of a maximum security prison, and it's up
to gamers to hunt them down before it's too late. SAS: Secure Tomorrow finds players chasing the enemy from the halls of a
riotous prison, to a London financial center, to the icy expanses of Greenland, and finally into an underground nuclear
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