Continue to work on your shape and health with this 2010 entry into EA Sports' fitness franchise. The EA Sports Active 2
fitness program will deliver true fitness results by featuring an innovative wireless control system, powered by new leg and
arm straps with motion sensors, a heart rate monitor to capture intensity, and a new online hub to track.
Jillian Michaels: Fitness Ultimatum 2011 takes personal wellness to new levels of immersion. The only official video game
series created by Jillian Michaels it lets players receive personal fitness guidance from America s premier wellness coach. For
the first time Fitness Ultimatum 2011 integrates a story-based Mission mode where Jillian and the player use their fitness
skills in a series of missions to shut down Cureall an evil food and drug corporation.
Compatible with the Balance Board, Shawn Johnson Gymnastics offers a truly realistic experience in the following
gymnastics events: floor exercise, vault, balance beam and uneven parallel bars. Featuring the guidance and voice of
Olympic gold medalist, all-round champion and "Dancing with the Stars" winner Shawn Johnson, the game invites up to eight
players to train and compete in the exciting world of professional gymnastics. Aspiring gymnasts can work their way from
amateur to champion as they master gymnastics maneuvers on four apparatuses, including uneven bars and balance beam.
In Nickelodeon Fit, kids will experience a new way to stay physically active while skipping rope with the Backyardigans, river
rafting with Diego, leaping hurdles with Kai-lan, hooping with Dora and even participating in a relay race featuring all of the
game's characters. Nickelodeon Fit allows parents to track fitness stats like usage, MVPA and BMI and create customized
routines to meet their child's needs. The game utalizes both the Wii Remote and Wii Balance Board so that kids can
experience a new way to stay physically active while having fun.
Spooky Sports Day comes around once a year and this time Casper is determined not to let Thatch steal all the glory. Casper
and his friends have been training hard to make sure that this year the prizes are shared more fairly!
Monster Jam 2011 is all about authenticity, personality, and fun, with 30 officially licensed Monster Jam trucks, including
fan-favorites Grave Digger, Maximum Destruction, and Grinder. Players can also create and customize their own trucks with
thousands of options, unlocking new parts and upgrades as they progress through the game. Eight real life stadiums from
the Monster Jam circuit help bring the live atmosphere to the living room, with explosive truck introductions, pyrotechnics and
lighting, and a roaring crowd.
It's the all-in-one hunting experience! Head out into the wild once again to track and hunt the most dangerous game in North
America. Become a master hunter by traveling across the country and honing your skills to go after bigger and more
dangerous prey. Set your sights on over 30 different wildlife species with a variety weapons and hunting equipment at your
disposal. Hunt alone or invite your friends to compete in a variety of mini-game challenges such as fowl hunting target
shooting and more!   
Exercise has never been so much fun! In Kid Fit: Island Resort, catch coconuts, go surfing, dance around the bonfire and
more as you explore this sunny island filled with exciting aerobic and balance activities. Play with the Wii Remote and plug in
the Wii Balance Board for two ways to get fit and have fun.
WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 empowers players more than ever to to define their gameplay experiences in a dynamic
and ever-changing WWE. Along the way, gameplay scenarios change based on player decisions, allowing for more
spontaneous WWE action in and out of the ring. Players can also enjoy a greater level of interactivity and have increased
control of their destinies in the game’s popular Road to WrestleMania story-driven mode. WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011
has more creative tools than ever to customize their Superstars, finishing moves and story designs.
Deca Sports, the hit sports compilation series that has over 2.5 million units sold through worldwide, is returning to Wii with
10 Completely sporting events in Deca Sports 3. Simple controls let your entire family play together, while advanced controls
let you take advantage of Wii MotionPlus. Swing, flip, and spike your way to the winner’s circle across all of the included
events: Indoor Volleyball, Racquetball, Air Racing, Kayaking, Lacrosse, Fencing, Halfpipe (Snowboarding), Giant Slalom
(Skiing), Springboard Diving, and even Logging.
Go long! Backyard Sports: Rookie Rush offers kids the opportunity to get in the huddle with fan-favorite characters Pablo,
Dmitri, and Joey as they block and tackle their way through energetic, kid-friendly football games on 12 interactive,
neighborhood fields many representing each character’s home turf and also a "My Backyard" field mode in which players can
unlock items and populate their unique backyard. With hard hitting power-ups, imaginative new fields, stylized graphics,
exciting new array of super-charged gameplay options and a compelling story mode, Rookie Rush is well trained and ready to
take down the competition.
A skateboarding experience created for a younger audience, Tony Hawk: Shred allows players to GO BIG and feel the
exhilaration of supersized skate and snowboarding using the game's innovative, motion-sensing board controller right at their
feet. Featuring an arcade style look and feel, where the bigger the feat the better the fun, Shred is packed to the brim with
larger-than-life moments and a veritable assortment of jaw-dropping tricks - enticing kids to get off the couch and into the
Shaun White Skateboarding puts an innovative twist on the action-sports genre. Developed in collaboration with dual-sport
super-athlete, Shaun White, Shaun White Skateboarding brings all the sensations of skateboarding to a wide audience,
making skate dreams possible and allowing players to transform a dull, lifeless city into an extraordinary skating utopia.
Players will discover a deserted city, empty except for a few holdouts who are thrilled to have the city to themselves. Through
their skating players can transform the dull and gray city into a thriving metropolis by extending handrails into endless grinds,
carving alleys into half pipes, morphing streets into ramps and much more.
In NBA 2K11, players can experience what it's like to play in Michael Jordan's shoes! Relive 10 different legendary games
from Michael Jordan's career and replicate in NBA 2K11 what MJ did on the court, and even unlock MJ: Creating a Legend, a
special mode where you get to take control of a newly drafted rookie Michael Jordan and craft your own version of Michael’s
career in the NBA. Players can also experience what it's like to be part of some of the greatest teams in NBA history .
In Sled Shred, players form a team determined to prove themselves in a quest to compete at the World Winter Games. The
Jamaican Bobsled team will be present in the game’s story mode to coach and challenge players. Sled Shred offers a variety
of different vehicles to race, including inner tubes and bobsleds, on more than 10 different snowy courses. Players can
challenge one another or race together against the computer in free play mode, and have the option of using the Wii Balance
Board accessory to control their vehicles as they race.
Jump into action as a fearless adventurer searching for treasure the world over. Explore an array of intriguing themed
locales including dense twilight jungles, ancient ruins, lava-flooded caves, frozen ice packs and more each with their own
traps, hazards and challenges. A veritable thrill-ride of activities will keep the whole family moving as they run across falling
bridges, dodge perilous booby traps, escape from savage beasts, chase down bandits, and much more as they ride off into
the sunset with a bounty of loot and rewards.
Hit the streets with your favorite footballers and show you've got the skills to hit the big time in FIFA 11 on Wii. Now there are
two ways to play - traditional 11 versus 11 football matches plus a new street football mode. Hit the pitch for a Wii-specific
take on customary 11 versus 11 football matches with over 30 officially licensed leagues, 500 teams, and more than 15,000
players to choose from. Or, hit the streets to compete in 5 versus 5 street matches with the world's elite players.
NBA Jam will have players spinning with ankle breaking moves to the basket and on the way to high-flying,
backboard-smashing dunks. The game delivers vintage NBA Jam gameplay, combined with all-new features that deliver a
fresh new take on the classic game. With two distinct game modes: Classic Campaign and Remix Tour, NBA Jam offers
something for everyone. In Classic Campaign, players can take a trip down memory lane, individually or cooperatively with a
friend, as they play through all the teams in the NBA in a worst to first ladder tournament.
Def Jam Rapstar is a music game based hip-hop music and culture. The game provides the ultimate emcee video game
experience, and captures the essence of what Hip-Hop is all about: the Music, the Flow, the Battles, and of course the
Swagger. With a host of the greatest Hip Hop songs available at release, the game allows you to be the star: by rhyming,
using your console camera, and uploading your video to the fully integrated Def Jam Rapstar community at
Ea Sports Active 2  2010
Jillian Michaels' Fitness Ultimatum 2011  2010
Shawn Johnson Gymnastics  2010
Nickelodeon Fit  2010
Casper Scare School: Spooky Sports Day  2010
Monster Jam: Path Of Destruction  2010
North American Hunting 2  2010
Kid Fit: Island Resort  2010
WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011  2010
Deca Sports 3  2010
Backyard Sports: Rookie Rush  2010
Tony Hawk: Shred  2010
Shaun White Skateboarding   2010
NBA 2K11  2010
Sled Shred  2010
Active Life: Explorer (Game & Active Life Mat)  2010
FIFA Soccer 11  2010
NBA Jam  2010
Def Jam Rapstar  2010
Rapala Pro Bass Fishing (Game & Fishing Rod)  2010
Greg Hastings Paintball  2010
Rapala Pro Bass Fishing  2010
Big Buck Hunter W/Gun  2010
Rapala Pro Bass Fishing pits players against real-life fishing pros on top freshwater lakes across North America – only the
finest techniques and equipment will determine who is the best of the best.
Greg Hastings Paintball 2 introduces more than 10 single and multiplayer game modes each staged in all-new, paintball
locations based on actual fields around the world. Seven single-player game modes challenge the most experienced
"ballers" to hone their skills and then test them against up to 19 others in seven different multiplayer game types. Whether
playing alone or against others, Greg Hastings Paintball 2 ups the ante with game-changing weather conditions and field
hazards including rain, wind and fog. The game also features an improved map editor along with the hottest new gear and
Rapala Pro Bass Fishing pits players against real-life fishing pros on top freshwater lakes across North America – only the
finest techniques and equipment will determine who is the best of the best. For the first time ever in a fishing game, the
competition is set up in a professional tournament structure and the action is presented as a live TV event with announcers
(including Barry Brueland, the voice of InFisherman TV), live updates, competitive leader boards, analysis, and heart-
pounding final weigh-ins.
Lock & load and hit the great outdoors with Big Buck Hunter Pro! America's favorite hunting game is headed for the Nintendo
Wii - based on the arcade classic now it's always open season in your living room! Bag the biggest and best Mother Nature
has to offer as you trek through landmark North American hunting spots. Take aim across over 75 action-packed hunting
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