Journey to the land of Aio a world embroiled in an epic battle between the forces of Magic and Technology. Fight through
towering cities flame-swept deserts and brutal ice plains in battles filled with mystic creatures impossible machines and
stunning acts of magic. Guide a young inventor's struggle to unravel his world's ancient past and unite its people against an
unimaginable threat. Command mystic creatures and impossible machines as you enter a world unlike any you've ever seen
- a world of heroes monsters loyalty and betrayal!
Billed as an "espionage RPG," Alpha Protocol casts you in the role of secret agent Michael Thorton as he embarks on a series
of international operations set in Rome, Moscow, Tai Pei, Saudi Arabia, and other exotic locales. From inside computer-
equipped safe houses around the world, you'll converse with your handlers, glean intelligence, review dossiers, and receive
new missions. What sets Alpha Protocol apart from traditional action games is the level of customization you have over your
character and the options you have while interacting with others.
Muzzy Lane Software continues its devotion to emphasizing the economic side of war in this sequel to the 2007 title Making
History: The Calm & The Storm. Making History II: The War of the World offers players an extensive economic system,
allowing them to customize the industrial development of cities and regions to manage production, consumption, resources,
and trading. Gamers can also choose to upgrade their infrastructure to create a more prosperous nation, and just as in the
real world, culture, religion, ethnicity, and political factions all play a large role in the way citizenry behaves.
This compilation from Sega features two full games and two expansion packs from The Creative Assembly's critically
acclaimed real-time strategy franchise. The bundle includes Medieval II: Total War, its expansion pack Medieval II: Total War -
Kingdoms, Rome: Total War, and its expansion pack Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion.
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction is the fifth original game in Ubisoft's definitive stealth action series, starring
modern-day ninja Sam Fisher, former NSA special operative. The game breaks from earlier adventures, as Fisher breaks
from his government service to embark on a quest of vengeance. The action is faster and more fluid than in earlier games,
and Fisher's superior abilities in hand-to-hand combat are brought out of the shadows to the forefront, for fast-paced, violent
encounters. In at least one sense of the word, the title's "Conviction" denotes the main character's drive and dedication to his
cause. The story is darker and much more personal than in previous Splinter Cell adventures.
Find the clues to track down Hollywood’s lost blockbuster and keep a studio from going dark! You’ve been hired to track
down the only copy of Hollywood’s long-awaited blockbuster in time for the star-studded premiere. Search Malibu Beach,
Rodeo Drive and other glamorous hot spots to find over 2,100 hidden objects and return the missing film — or a major
studio will go dark!
VSTEP's Ship Simulator Extremes expands upon previous entries in the Dutch developer's seafaring sim series, with new
real-world missions, a greater variety of watercraft to control, and a cooperative online multiplayer mode. Virtual skippers can
take the wheels of huge tankers, tough little tugboats, fast and agile interceptors, and even experimental hovercraft, among
other commercial ships and private boats. Similar to earlier editions of Ship Simulator, the software is built around a
sophisticated physics model, which produces realistic weather and water conditions, for authentic performance and handling
of each vessel.
Gamers return to the early Renaissance to once again build a European empire through technology, trade, and military
strength in The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom. Developer Blue Byte Software has created an all-new graphic engine for the
seventh iteration of its long-running real-time strategy series, allowing players to experience the beauty of the dense forests,
craggy mountains, and windswept meadows that constitute their kingdom.
Everyday Genius: SquareLogic combines the logic-based gameplay of Sudoku with simple arithmetic and color-coded
squares to offer gamers more than 20,000 puzzles. As is the case with Sudoku, players plug numbers into square grids,
taking care not to repeat a digit in any column or row; but unlike Sudoku, SquareLogic breaks the grids down into smaller,
color-coded "cages." Each cage contains a mathematical operator, and all the numbers within that cage must combine to
equal the number next to the operator. The game gets progressively more difficult as it introduces additional operators and
larger grids, but SquareLogic also aims to help gamers by offering a hint option, displaying all possible solutions, etc.
Turkish developer TaleWorlds expands its mounted combat RPG with large multiplayer battles, a more extensive single-
player experience, and a graphical overhaul in Mount & Blade: Warband. As many as 64 players can now participate in
"Deathmatch," "Team Deathmatch," "Capture the Flag," "Conquest," "Battle," and "Siege" modes; while the single-player
update gives gamers the ability to eventually become a supreme ruler and convince lords to serve as vassals around the
The cold-steel justice of the Global Defense Initiative and the mystic influence of Kane's Brotherhood of Nod clash for the final
time in Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight. The fourth full release in the original C&C line plays similarly to the more
recent games in the real-time strategy series, with fast action, smooth 3D graphics, and sophisticated tactical attacks and
counter-attacks between balanced but different forces. The introduction of enormous Crawler units, which function as mobile
bases of operations and production, keeps the action moving around the map and adds new strategic considerations.
The first official expansion pack to 2009's Dragon Age: Origins features a new land to explore, more moral choices to make,
and an assortment of added spells, items, specializations, and abilities to enhance your party. Import your character from the
main game or create a new Grey Warden Commander to battle through the darkspawn that have somehow remained,
despite your earlier efforts to eliminate them. Round out your party with five new characters as you prepare to clash with a
variety of powerful creatures, from an Inferno Golem to a Spectral Dragon.
This compilation from THQ includes the full retail version of the strategy title Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II as well as its
Chaos Rising expansion pack.
Virtual zookeepers return to their computer screens, to care for exotic animals and the people who come to visit them, in Zoo
Tycoon 2. With its "tycoon"-style business sim elements, its honest and detailed approach to real zoology, and some nice
promotion from publishing giant Microsoft, Blue Fang's original Zoo Tycoon sold very well and remained on store shelves for
an unusually long time, inspiring at least two expansion packs along the way. This sequel, from the same parties
responsible for the original, aims to recapture that winning mix, and present it with full 3D graphics.
Computer strategy enthusiasts can continue their conquest of the Americas as one of three Native American civilizations in
this add-on disc for the best-selling Age of Empires III. Civilizations such as the Iroquois Confederacy or the Sioux Nation
possess distinct units under command of a powerful WarChief, each playable in either a 15-mission solo campaign or a
competitive multiplayer match. Also included in the expansion pack are several enhancements to existing European
The story begins with a young humanoid boy named Goku, who discovers that he was sent to Earth to blend in and destroy
our population but instead elects to protect it from an oncoming alien onslaught bent on dominating the universe and c
Gas Powered Games' futuristic strategy title returns with a new campaign mode, customizable armies, and an assortment
of other enhancements. Set 25 years after the conclusion of the first game's "Infinite War," Supreme Commander 2 has you
playing as the commander of one of three conflicting factions: the United Earth Federation, the Illuminate, and the Cybran
Nation. The single-player game spans 18 story-driven missions, featuring large-scale battles with land, air, and naval units.
Acquire new weapons and technology to outfit and upgrade your army, instantly transforming units into more powerful forms
with added capabilities.
Chev Chelious (Jason Statham) is going to have another black day. Helpful Chinese doctors save him after he falls from the
sky to take him apart. Chev wakes up in a strange place tied up on a surgery table and realizes that his body is already not
The Creative Assembly's critically acclaimed RTS franchise goes the story-driven route for the first time with three
campaigns designed around one of military history's most complicated figures in Napoleon: Total War. Gamers can control
either ...    
Rise Of Nations: Rise/Legends  2010
Alpha Protocol  2010
Making History II: The War Of The World  2010
Total War Battle Pack  2010
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction  2010
Mystery Pi: Lost In Los Angeles  2010
Ship Simulator 2010: Extremes  2010
Settlers 7: Paths To A Kingdom 2010
Everyday Genius: Squarelogic  2010
Mount & Blade: Warband  2010
Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight  2010
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening  2010
Warhammer 40K : Dawn of War II Gold PC Game
Zoo Tycoon  2010
Age of Empires III: War Chiefs  2010
 Zoo Tycoon 2:Marine Mania Win   2010
Supreme Commander 2 PC  2010
Silent Hunter V: Battle Of The Atlantic 2010
Napoleon: Total War  2010
Treasures Of/Serengeti  2010
Everquest II: Sentinel's Fate  2010
Star Trek Online  2010
Star Trek Online  2010
Mystery 5 Collection  2010
Experience this riveting story of betrayal revival and the curse of the Spirits as you conquer over 80 gem-packed levels of
matching and puzzle fun! Collect precious gems to rebuild a once-thriving village deserted and destroyed by the curse of the
Sony Online Entertainment's long-running MMORPG EverQuest II returns with a sixth expansion, this time sending gamers on
a variety of epic journeys throughout the land of Odus. The level cap has been raised to 90, there are 400 new quests and a
dozen new dungeons spread across two new overland zones, and players can choose from 2,000 new items, weapons, and
pieces of armor. Sentinel's Fate comes in an "All-In-One Pack" that includes the first five EverQuest II expansions as well as
the card battle game Legends of Norrath, station cash for use in the virtual marketplace, and a 30-day EverQuest II
Online gamers and fans of the franchise have an opportunity to truly go where no one has gone before in Star Trek Online, a
"massively multiplayer" RPG where thousands of players adventure together in the same persistent-universe. Players take
the roles of commanders of their own space-faring vessels, supported by a small crew of computer-controlled characters
who serve as officers on the bridge, and who may also accompany the player's character on away missions.
Online gamers and fans of the franchise have an opportunity to truly go where no one has gone before in Star Trek Online, a
"massively multiplayer" RPG where thousands of players adventure together in the same persistent-universe. Players take
the roles of commanders of their own space-faring vessels, supported by a small crew of computer-controlled characters
who serve as officers on the bridge, and who may also accompany the player's character on away missions.
The compilation from The Adventure Company includes four different graphic adventures about the world's most famous
detective, and one game about the world's most notorious vampire. The bundle includes: Sherlock Holmes: The Silver
Earring, Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened, Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis, The Mystery of the Mummy, and Dracula: Origin.
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