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Download full movies, MP3, TV shows, games software to your PC, Mac, Android iPhone

1. What do members receive?
Members use an exclusive databases network to search and download all their favorite movies directly to
their computer. We form part of the fastest databases network on the Internet, with over millions DVD quality always updated movies. Members can
download any movies for free, at extreme speeds, directly to their computers.

Become a member, and you instantly gain unrestricted access to download of multimedia files (movies, MP3s, video, podcasts, TV shows, eBooks,
etc.), games and software to your PC, Mac, Android Devices iPad, iPod, iPhone, MP4 Player,And Mobile Phone.

Our members obtain:

  • reedownloads of multimedia files(including Action Movies,Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Crime,Drama,Family,Fantasy, history, Horror,
    Music, Musical, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi, Sport, Thriller and War Movies)
  • Advanced File Search Engine
  • illionfiles to discover (and growing each day)
  • Blazingly fast download speed
  • reeaccess to the top software on the market
  • 24/7 online technical support
  • foreign movies (Indian movies, Arabic, Germany, France, Italy, Spanish,Russian, Polish, Czech and more.)
  • Dubbed movies (Italy, Germany, France, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Czech and more.)
  • A large library of video tutorials
  • FREE and frequent software updates
  • Advanced search options
  • Automatic connection options
  • An intuitive and sophisticated user-interface
  • Speed controls
  • Parental control
  • Powerful multimedia players with full-screen previews
  • And so much more to discover each day

2. Do you really have all of the files that you claim to have?
Yes we do, and even more! Download City indexes millions of the websites all over the world, so you get the best chances to find just exactly what
you’ve been searching for. Our catalog of files is set up so you can easily browse and search through them and find exactly what you want. Then it’s
just a couple of clicks to get the file downloading, and before you know it, you’ll have your file.

3. How many files do you have for downloading?
We are currently offering over 2,900,000 files for you, consisting of over 2,800,000 GB of data. If you’re looking for it online, you’ll be sure to find it with

4. How often is the content updated?
Our content is updated every hour with new content. You’ll be able to easily track what has been added, and see what’s new for you to download and

5. How Many Movies Can I Download?
You can download as many movies as you want with absolutely no restrictions,limits or additional fees. The concept of Download City is “Unlimited
downloads” which means that once the membership has been paid members can download unlimited movies  and never have to pay any
additional fees or be charged ever again.

6. Are you Mac / Linux compatible?
Yes. Our services are compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

7. Are you compatible with Android device, ipod, ipad, iphone?
Yes, our services are compatible with all Smartphone., etc.

8. Are you compatible with Windows 8?
Yes, our services are compatible with all Windows versions. This includes Windows 8 &10.

9. How fast will my unlimited downloads be?
Download speeds are blazingly fast. Even though our Member’s Area give you access to blazingly fast unlimited downloads, download times do vary
according to the speed of your Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) connection and the number of people trying to download the same file at the same
time. For an estimate of download times with a 28.8 Kbps modem, choose the Download Specs link next to each product description on the Index of
Products page in the Member’s Area.

10. What  games does the Download City network access?
Every single  Game that has ever been released is on Download City, its updated daily so when a new game is out we will have it on the network
instantly for download! Download City accesses the world’s largest databases all in one place for you!
Download PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, XBox 360, Xbox One,  Wii Nintendo, Gameboy, PC Games & More.

11. How do I play these games on my PC or can I actually play them on my console?
The games are played on your console just burn them to a Dual layer DVD disc put them in the console and away you go!

12. Can I download imported or foreign games?
You will have full access to linked network worldwide supporting all regions, console verions, pc, mac & linux software as well as media of all types
from dvd, mp4 to mp3, aac and more.

13. Can i burn the movies i download to CD/DVD so i can watch on other devices except my PC?
Yes! you can burn to CD/DVD any movie so you can watch it on your media device

14. Are the game downloads the full version?
Game downloads are exactly like the originals.

15. Does this work in UK, Australia, North America?
Yes we support UK -PAL US- NTSC U JAP- NTSC J and some region free as well

16. Do the movies have any kind of protection against burning them to CD/DVD such as Digital Rights
There is no DRM protection on movies or any other protection, on the contrary we encourage you to burn the movies you download to CD/DVD so you
can enjoy them on your standalone DVD player.

17. What is the quality like?
The quality of the movies is the same as a rented DVD, both if you watch it directly on your computer or if you burn it to DVD and watch it on your
home/car DVD player.

18. Is this Legal?
Yes. The service we offer is 100% legal.

19. Are there any fees for downloading or burning?
Not at all.
We are not a “Pay Per Download” service or anything similar.
You will be able to download as many movies as you want, and record as many DVD movies as you want.
The DVD software given to all Premium Members is for them to keep!

20.  Is Download City a monthly subscription service?
Download City memberships are a one time non-recurring payment and we DO NOT have any monthly billing charges. The only payment you will
ever make is for your initial account setup when registering as one of our many valued members. You will never need to pay for any of the movies

21. How long do i get to keep the movies that i downloaded?
There is no time limit on your downloaded movies you may keep these movies for as long as you like even burn them to CD/DVD and create your
own DVD movie collection.

22. How much time does it take downloading a single movie?
The Downloading time for a movie depends entirely on the capacity of your internet connection. If you own a very fast Internet connection(broadband)
the downloading process may take no more than a few minutes.

23. How much time will i have to wait until i gain access to the Download City members-area after i pay?
Members are granted INSTANT access to the members area. Upon completion of your payment your will be provided with your user name and
password to access the members area.

24. Being new to downloading movies, will it be difficult?
You will find the downloading process very easy. Simply click on the movie title you want to watch or search for it in the search field and click on the
“download now” button to download the movie.

25. I live outside the US can I still use your service?
Yes, our service is not limited by geography , you can use the service to download movies from any country worldwide.

26. Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee?
Absolutely! If you are experiencing technical difficulties and require technical support, our award-winning support team guarantees that it can solve
your issue on first contact or your money will be refunded! Simply contact us.

27. Do I need any extra hardware?
Not at all. If you have an Internet connection, you are all set.
Today, any computer has a CD or a DVD writer, and that is what you will need to record your downloaded movies. The movie creating software that
we offer included in all bonus memberships, will record your downloaded movies to CD or DVD.
This means that you only need a regular CD writer to record your movies!

28. I’m new to downloading games, will this be complicated?
We have made it easy for you. We give you the simple steps to get you going fast. If you ever get stuck, or need help, just send us an email with your
question, and a friendly support person will show you what you need to do next.

29. What kind of games do you have?
All of the most popular games – million files are on the network! You will be able to find almost every kind of game you can think of. We have not yet
seen a game genre that does not exist on the network. All are free full download.

30. How do I figure out which product to download?
The best way to figure out which product is best for you is to read the short product descriptions displayed by clicking the product name on the Index
of Products page in the Member’s Area. If you want additional information, choose one of the links beneath the Get Software button. It indicates for
which platforms and in which languages each product is available, and what its system requirements are.

31. Is my registration secure and confidential?
Absolutely. We do not store any personal or credit cards information.
We use a third party 128-bit encrypted secure credit card processor that will confirm the validity of your credit card in real time directly with your bank.
A world leader in encrypted credit card secure processes. Your registration will be represented by a unique receipt number corresponding with an
email. The email address where we will contact you if needed.

32. Will I be billed again?
Not at all. All memberships are one time charges and you will not experience any surprise charges.
We are not a subscription or a “pay per download” service. Members download as much as they want.

33. How about refunds?
We will process any refund petition within the next 1-Week of purchase.
If you don’t find the Movies or Games that you’re looking for then just email us and tell us the movie or game you
couldn’t find. If we can’t find it and show you how to find it, we’ll gladly give you a Prompt Full Refund. Fair Enough?
In other words, new customers enjoy a 1 week trial.

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