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Free PC Games

The console is expanding more and more, Free to Play is more popular on PC, as well as on mobile devices. It is not difficult to find excellent free games to download. So we’ve made a compilation for you, with the best free computer games, which you can download free of charge and which, unless you want ‘skins’ and other enlargements –which are not necessary you can play completely free of charge.

The free games are served, most of them micropayments ‘funded.’ Some of them do come to a point where we may be interested in paying for particular objects or characters, but in most cases, we can be playing for years without having to put in a single euro. More and more developers are joining the Free to Play and, although we have been enjoying this philosophy on PC for years, the truth is that mobile devices are the great drivers of free games like the ones we have selected:

  1. Fortnite

Fortnite is currently the leader of all video games, and, of course, it is free. It is a shooter, but with a particularity: it is a battle royale. This genre was opened from mods, as was the case with the MOBAs, and premiered by the Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds creator. In essence, it is a massively multiplayer shooter, in which the heart is in survival. A mixture of genres that we can understand easier by setting an example of the film ‘Hunger Games.’ You land in a plane to a map limited, your weapon, and you face other 99 people; the last one standing wins the ‘battle.’

  1. Dota 2

For years, Dota 2 has led Steam’s absolute’ ranking ‘ being the most played title. It is now ranked second in this ranking, but the first and by far between free PC games. It fits between the MOBA, from Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas’, and here competes with another that we can also download for free, and that could be defined as an archenemy, the League of Legends.

  1. League of Legends

Another MOBA and, although it hurts LoL lovers or League of Legends, is a’ copy,’ in its origins, of DOTA. Your champion has his skills, which you can ’empower’ with specific runes according to the style of play and role. During the five-to-five game with different areas, you will be able to buy objects to enhance your attacks and abilities further. A very strategic game, in which team play is an essential part.

  1. Warframe

The fact that it is a free game has nothing to do with its quality, for example, at the level of graphics. Warframe is a remarkable title for this and for the variety of sounds, which lead us to immerse ourselves in a genuinely frantic world of action, with an immense amount of weapons to fight hand-to-hand, or at a distance. Choose your character and face cooperative missions in an online multiplayer where we have infinite customization options. And if you like this kind of game, don’t hesitate to stop by our collection of free role-playing games.

  1. Heroes of the Storm

It is’ another ‘ MOBA, and is far less popular than DOTA 2 and League of Legends. Well, now it has an advantage and is that it is easier than the other two options, besides that it is also free. Therefore, it is a good ‘access’ option to MOBA.

  1. Smite

If what we like is the ‘body to body,’ in Smite, we have another MOBA free to change the style. Here the view is in the third person, but after our champion, so the dynamics change completely. It has its peculiarities in mechanics, although in essence, it is very similar: several ‘streets ‘, champions with their own defined skills and roles, and a series of towers that we have to destroy until we reach the core of the enemy team, destroying the opponent’s’ minions’ army along the way.

  1. Team Fortress 2

Shooters are always among the free games to download more successfully, and also among those that are ‘paid for.’ Team Fortress 2 ranks seventh among the most played titles on Steam, and is the second most downloaded free game in this ranking, behind Dota 2. With a cartoon style, like Fortnite, it is one of the most excellent FPS currently available, a more ‘funny’ alternative to successful games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which is also paid for.

  1. Paladins

Among the free games to download, we find, in many of them, the free alternative to a great success title. Blizzard has Overwatch, and for anyone who doesn’t want to pay for a title like that, we have Paladins. I play the first person by choosing a hero with skills, attacks, and aesthetics that differentiate one from another and define their role in the team. Although simpler than Overwatch, without any doubt it’s the best free option we can find if we want to play something like that.