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Games by Genre

Video games have become a big part of entertainment today, which is why to start liking them or choose your favorite franchise, first, you must know which genre is to your liking or to which your favorite game belongs.

Action, Adventure, RPG, Sports, Strategy and Simulation.

You’ve probably heard of most of them, but you probably didn’t know what your favorite games are actually part of a subgenre of these major games, so let’s get started.:

This genre is characterized by that it puts the player to experience obstacles to overcome, for this, it will require the use of his abilities of speed, reflexes, precision, and reaction ti, me. In this broad genre, we have popular games of fighting, shooting, arcades, platforms, subdivisions, etc.

  1. Fighting Games

While many know this subgenre of action, it is infallible for its PVP (player vs. player)/ player battles against another player or against AI (artificial intelligence). There are from the classic 2D (two dimensions as in lateral perspective), 3D (3 dimensions) and first-person. They are usually martial arts of any kind existing in real life, including White weapons or firearms.

Not to confuse the fact that many of the aforementioned wrestling or Beat ‘ em up were called arcade by the subgenre, they were considered arcade in their time by the platform to which they were subject. The same example goes that many fighting games are neither repetitive nor simple to play

  • Shooters

Another very popular subgenre today where summing up, the character makes continuous use of weapons to make way at each level. In general, his script and argument is not relevant since it is not the specific objective of the subgenre, that is why games like Counter-Strike, Overwatch, Quake 3 Arena have no campaign or is of no quality since it is a competitive game par excellence, however, he has gotten used to the casual gamer having one to leave them satisfied with triple-A super production.

First Person Shooter (FPS): those who play from the eyes of the protagonist, being strictly 3D; are so popular that they generate excessive revenue to the industry by creating tournaments and professional leagues.

Third Person Shooter (TPS): with the same mechanics as first-person shooting but from behind the protagonist as perspective and sometimes isometric. This genre is common for us to find a well-formed argument and script, since not being merely competitive, it was necessary to enhance the appeal with other elements of adventure for consumers.

  1. Adventure

PC lovers know this subgenre very well since from there, the games were started controlled only by a mouse click to interact with the game, advance and attack. Although he is known for being a subdivision of adventure games. As the evolution of textual Games has come to revolutionize according to the years in entertainment well accepted by the community

  • Visual Novels

Another evolution of the textual adventure, which, although it has much of the original subgenus, attaches images with limited interaction; where it is asserted is in the immersion and narrative of it at the level of a well-argued novel.

Nowadays these, visual novels are striking thanks to Japanese folklore and manga-style images with a touch of romance or sexuality.

  • Survival Horror

This subgenre, which is a mixture of adventure-action, is inspired by horror films and, as its name suggests, the question is based on surviving despite feeling inferior to the enemy, overcoming fears, obstacles or evading them.

They often lack ammunition or weapons to defend themselves, which forces the user to escape and feel cornered, is very immersive thanks to the quality of audio and ambiance that is necessary for a better experience.

  1. Strategy

This genre is characterized by manipulating the environment, numerous characters, tokens, objects, data, making use of creativity, intelligence and tactics for planning by specific objectives.

Most are involved in a war theme, but there are also those based on social, economic, and emotional issues.

  • Real-Time Strategy (RTS)

All action takes place without pause, so time, planning, and s, the strategy must be accurate for victory. This type of game originated in the PC and is characterized by building buildings, obtaining resources, increasing technology, and producing units.

  • 4X Game

Although it has a great resemblance to RTS, it is actually a derivative of them; 4X games, as its name indicates, is characterized by 4 objectives (X): to explore, expand, exploit (resources), exterminate. These games, unlike the RTS, are prolonged for a long period of time as the progress of technology and colonizing absorbs more time than usual.

  1. Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)

This is a very popular subgenre division thanks to the impressive profits they generate as an official sport. They are also known as “action real-time strategy or ARTS” (strategy of action in real-time); The aim is to destroy the enemy base where they produce enemy AI through pathways that divide each team. Players have different abilities with which, by making team or individual combinations, they make their way until they can destroy the enemy team. You don’t build any buildings or units.

  1. Role-Playing Games (RPG)

Its origin comes from the outcome of Dungeons & Dragons ‘ original physical role-playing game but adapted with the same essence in which you must improve skills and features through the experience gained in the progress of the game that is usually an adventure. To differentiate the physical game is used the term CRPG (Computer Role-Playing Game), but now it is not necessary.