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Wipeout: The Game

Based on the hit ABC TV show, Wipeout: The Game challenges fans to master speed, balance, and precision to overcome
the world’s largest obstacle course while enduring the inevitable hilarious falls, sometimes at the hands of your friends and
family! In Wipeout: The Game, players will prove they have what it takes to make it to the grand finale “Wipeout Zone” for their
chance to be proclaimed champion. Four players can compete at the same time, even allowing players to hurl objects at and
taunt their opponents.

Speed is, as the name suggests, all about speed! At these insane speeds the slightest mistake can end your career instantly,
so prove yourself in the ‘amateur’ series and work your way up to the champion of the ‘professional’ series! Be faster and
smarter than the competition, and if you just can’t learn how to properly take corners and build up speed, just smash them
away since in Speed there are neither rules nor penalties!

Gti Club Supermini Festa!

Everything about the racing game GTI Club Supermini Festa! has been designed to give the player a feeling of sheer speed
and total control, and users can also add a personal touch to their car via the extensive customization features in the game’s
Garage section. Players are charged with racing a series of compact cars around a series of citiscapes across France, the
UK, Italy, the US, and Japan. Stage has been designed for total freedom, with secret short cuts to find and steep hills and
hairpin bends designed to test the player’s skill.

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing

Get ready for the ultimate racing showdown with Sonic and his SEGA friends! Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing is a fast and
furious battle to the finish line. In a frantic battle to the checkered flag, Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing sees Sonic and friends
speed around tracks set in medieval castle ramparts, lush rain forests and bustling cities, all taken from the visually rich and
varied universes of Sonic and SEGA. Fan favorites such as Dr. Eggman, Tails, AiAi, Amigo and many more will join Sonic in
their custom built vehicles, revving their engines and jostling to stay ahead of the pack.

Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5

Each Battle Force 5 episode transports kids to a fantasy world where they will meet an elite team of teens in five ultra-cool,
ultra-fast vehicles who must work together to save earth from the most outrageous galactic predators.In the game, fans are
able to live out these adventures with pedal-to-the-metal combat-racing in numerous Battle Zones, where they car battle with
The Sark and The Vandals, dangerous aliens from another dimension. When vehicles execute an attack, they transform and
unleash their battle mode weaponry.

Need For Speed Nitro

Need for Speed Nitro will have players of all skill levels hooked from the moment they get into the action, while arcade racing
fans will be exhilarated by the deep and challenging gameplay. Gamers can build up their boost as they drift and drag behind
their opponents and use it strategically to change the course of the race, but watch out for the cops! Offering a fresh and
unique visual style, the game features a variety of licensed cars which can be fully customized to let the game reflect the
player’s taste and personality.

Ski-Doo Snowmobile Challenge

The sound of the snow and ice scraping across the skis, the arctic wind biting your cheeks, and the only thing louder than
the roar of the crowd is the roar of your engine. This is the pulse-pounding world of snowmobile racing, and it’s always
intense. The follow-up to Ski-Doo Snow-Cross Racing, Ski-Doo Snowmobile Challenge has more sleds, more races, and
more action. Race on Cross Country, Snow Cross, Hill Climb, and Stunt tracks to unlock Ski‑Doo sleds and gear. Compete
against a friend on any track in two-player splitscreen mode.

Monster 4X4: Stunt Racer

Monster 4×4: Stunt Racer picks up where Monster 4×4: World Circuit finished and delivers bigger wheels, faster trucks and
crazier stunts. But this time, there’s an extra twist: an exclusive wall-driving feature. Players will be able to …    Full
Descriptionperform vertical stunts and find shortcuts as they take on their friends and family in 4-player split screen modes.
Start your engines and crush your friends!

Madagascar Kartz (With Racing Wheel)

Jump behind the wheel and drive yourself wild as you play as Alex, Marty, Gloria, Melman, King Julien or those crafty
penguins! You can power-up and perform zany jumps, outlandish flips, and radical rolls on amazing tracks from the world of
Madagascar, including the New York City Zoo, the plane crash site, the volcano, plus many more. Keep an edge on your wild
competitors with cool pickups, such as power boosts, obstacles, and projectiles.

Cars Race-O-Rama

In Cars Race-O-Rama, players will join Lightning McQueen and Chick Hicks in Radiator Springs as they prepare their
academy of student racers to compete in the Race-O-Rama Exhibition. Players will encounter 12 new playable characters
making their video game debut. A new and improved Lightning McQueen will come fully equipped with special racing kits,
allowing him to better maneuver brand new, action-packed tracks that will take players to metro city streets, the Baja desert
and sandy beaches.

Dodge Racing: Charger vs. Challenger

Rev your engines and hit the highways and byways of the USA in the ultimate racing tournament. Dodge Racing: Charger vs.
Challenger pits two of the most classic American vehicles in a Battle Royale to determine which one is the greatest muscle car
of all time. Burn rubber and peel out in your Dodge Charger or Dodge Challenger, pushing these bad boys to the limits to win
Championship Points for your team. It’s a head-to-head battle to the finish, but only the strongest will be #1!

Monster Trucks Mayhem

Strap yourself in because it’s time for some Monster Trucks Mayhem! Enormous tires, incredibly powerful engines, and the
shocking excitement of monster truck racing has come exclusively to Wii! Put the beasts to the test as you tear through some
of the meanest and most challenging tracks devised, destroying whatever lies in your path and smashing opponents off the
road. Roaring, pumping engines! Destructively powerful tires! Stunning off-road experiences! All combine to bring the shocking
excitement of Monster Trucks Mayhem home for play.

Atv Quad Kings

ATV Quad Kings immerses the player in the world of ATV motocross racing where aggressive driving and hard-hitting skills
are needed to become the King of ATVs. Travel across the globe from the United States to Australia and race in nine
breathtaking locations. Compete in incredible high-adrenaline races at each track… but that’s not all! Perform tricks and catch
big air in freestyle events to increase your skill rating. There’s no where to hide! It’s fast and furious four-wheel racing on Wii!

Build ‘N Race

Rev your engines for a fantastic heart-pounding racing experience exclusively for Wii! Build’n Race puts you in the driver’s
seat on spectacular courses with insane ramps, death-defying jumps, sharp switchbacks, wild stunts, and more! But there’s
more excitement than on your average race track. Players can create an unlimited amount of one-of-a-kind tracks from over
1,000 unique building blocks.

Excitebots: Trick Racing With Wheel

Excitebots: Trick Racing has elements that make it one of the more unique racing games on the market. It launches April 20
and lets everyone in the family use the Wii Wheel accessory in unique and changing environments play fun mini games and
perform crazy tricks in a game that builds on the Excitebike and Excite Truck franchises.

Excitebots: Trick Racing

Excitebots: Trick Racing lets everyone in the family play in unique and changing environments, play fun mini games and
perform crazy tricks in a game that builds on the Excitebike and Excite Truck franchises.

Mysims Party

MySims Party turns any gathering into an instant party with 50 mini games to choose from, each hosted by a different MySim.
You and your friends have the chance to Stick the Trick in the extreme snowboarding mini game, outrun a robot in Robo
Assault or shake your groovey thing with DJ Candy during the Go Go Dancing challenge. Each MySim character brings a
unique combination of skills to the mission, with differing levels of endurance, speed and luck giving you the option to
choose the best MySim for the task.

Yamaha Supercross

Compete against the world’s fastest off-road racers, tearing through stadiums in front of thousands of screaming fans, in
Yamaha Supercross. Rev the engines of the best Yamaha high-performance off-road motorcycles, and battle for the elusive
checkered flag that signifies your greatness. The twisted man-made tracks feature surprising stutter-bumps, tight turns,
tough terrain, breakneck straightaways, and the signature triple-jumps that will push you to your limit as you and the other
racers are hurtled skyward toward the finish line.

Bigfoot: Collision Course

Since its inception, Bigfoot has been the leader of the pack in the monster truck industry. Get ready for some mind-blowing
4×4 car crushing action starring The Original Monster Truck, Bigfoot!

Need For Speed Undercover

EA’s dominating racing series takes a left turn with this uniquely action-oriented entry in the franchise, where players use their
driving skills honed in previous NFS games to control their vehicle in dangerous, high speeds encounters. The game
features international movie star, Maggie Q, as the lead character in the big-budget live-action sequences that propel the
story forward as players get behind the wheel.

Monster Jam: Urban Assault

Monster truck action has broken past the stadium barriers — drivers will now be able to wreak havoc on city streets around
the world in Monster Jam: Urban Assault! Taking Monster Jam monster trucks onto the streets and other urban settings and
being rewarded for the scale of the damage and destruction is one of the new key features of Monster Jam: Urban Assault.

Jeep Thrills: Let’s Off Road

The Jeep Thrills game brings the excitement of intense off-road racing into the home while incorporating the rugged style and
attitude quintessential of the Jeep lifestyle. Players can choose from nearly 20 Jeep vehicles ranging from the classic World
War II body style of the Willys, to the more recent Jeep Wrangler and Compass, to action-oriented concept cars. Multi-player
racing allows two players to compete head-to-head on more than 30 outdoor courses through hilled jungles and frozen

Penny Racers Party: Turbo-Q Speedway

Exclusively on the Wii Penny Racers Party: Turbo-Q Speedway brings buckets of fun with 50+ vehicles to customize including
official cars from Nissan Toyota Honda and more as well as crazy custom creations. Race a customized Pop Up Pirate
alongside a Honda NSX and a Mazda RX-8 head to head through wild and wacky courses or test your skills with
mini-games like bowling or wind-up dash! Charge your batteries – it’s Penny Racing time!


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