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Getting Started with Vuze
Before you can start downloading, you need to first install the software.
Click here to Download Now For Windows 32-bit   For Windows 64-bit   Mac version
Once you have installed the Vuze application follow these simple steps to get started.

1. Open Vuze program by double clicking on the icon on your desktop:

3. In order to download, type a search for anything you want in the search box at the top next
to the magnified glass icon.

4. Once you hit enter on your keyboard, Vuze will automaticaly display the “results” page, then
click on Meta Search from the results list, all you have to do is double click on whatever you

5. With one click on the download button your file will automaticaly begin downloading, click on
the “Downloading” tab in order to monitor the present download or any other current

Once the download has finished it is automaticaly moved into the “Unwatched” tab, click the
“Unwatched” tab to see the most recent of downloads.

You may always return to All your downloaded media by clicking on the “My Library” tab
located above “Downloading” & “Unwatched”

Default directory for downloaded files

The “default directory” is the directory into which Vuze will automatically place the downloaded
data files when a new torrent is opened.
By default, Vuze generates the value for the default directory option at initial setup. The value
will be the subdirectory “Vuze Downloads” placed into your OS user profile home directory.

  • In Windows Vista and 7 that usually corresponds to C:
    Users<YourUsername>DocumentsVuze Downloads
  • In Windows XP it usually corresponds to C:Documents and
    Settings<YourUsername>My documentsVuzeDownloads
  • Consider manually creating a new directory outside your user profile, e.g. C:
    VuzeDownloads.  Go toTools –Options – Filesand set the “Default

(Very Important Step)In order to download any movie, game, song or Tv shows youmust to
download all vuze templates then click on each one
 before you make a search. To
download theVuze Templates Zip Fileplease clickhere. Or download all  vuze templates and
click on each one