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From: John, USA
From: Oliver Martin, UK
From: Blake Castillo, UK
“Im a movie fan!
Before Downloadcity I could only afford to buy
about 2-3 new movies each month. But now
when I have been a member with you for a
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Its amazing, I never thought of these ways to
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I thank you alot!”

“This is great! I own lots of DVDs, but I hate
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“Now my DVD collection is complete! Just
wanted to let you guys know that Im VERY
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Take care!”

From: Hilary Johen, USA
From: Marc Patrik, Fr
From: Rosalynn, Canada

“I have two small children and as you know
they want to watch the latest cartoons.
Before your site I had to spend a fortune on
dvds each month. Thanks to your service I
allways have the newest movies and it only
cost me the time to download them.

“During my first week as a member I have
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Keep up the good work!”

I couldnt get hold of a copy of my favorite movie on
DVD and while searching the web I found your site
and became a member. The day after I was
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Im in your dept for ever :)”

Cammy Jerry, USA
Tammy Franklin, USA
Carey Lawson, IT

“The disks are always so easy to damage. I’ve
lost hundreds of dollars’ worth of games to
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“Buying games is always a gamble. I can’t
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If there’s a faster, easier download program,
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